7% return on investment

Gardna Park

Surface area

Our plots have an average surface area of 1500m2 (0.37 acres). The price per m2 is approximately 65 zł. The building prices depend upon the surface area, the planned details, and the scope of works to be performed, i.e.: shell finish, builder's finish or turn-key. The estimated gross cost of 1m2 of living area of our buildings is approximately 3480 zł for a builder's finish.


Due to Gardna Park's location and recreational nature, the buildings can be treated as an investment. The changing trends in tourism, growing interest in the coastal region and active tourism increase the demand for rental of recreational facilities in the region. The estimated return on the investment is 7%.


SWW Inwest offers not only construction of houses but also their surveillance, protection, maintenance and organisation of rental that guarantees return on the investment.