7% return on investment

Gardna Park

is where the sea and the lake come together. The sizeable acreage of the Gardna Park project has caused the area to be divided into different zones. These will be areas of clustered single-family houses, recreational areas, sport areas, cycling areas, jogging areas, strolling areas.

  • Far away from the hubbub – but with many attractions nearby
  • Healthful effects of IODINE
  • Windsurfing, cycling road, horses
  • The sea and the Słowiński National Park
  • Shifting sand dunes
  • Angling and fresh fish from the lake
  • The spas USTKA, ŁEBA, Dolina Charlotty – concerts

Thanks to the marina located nearby (Gardna Wielka), one can do yachting on the lake, and the windsurfing area in Retowo encourages active participation in water sports. Canoeing is often organised on the Łupawa River, which flows nearby. Furthermore, the dense network of hiking trails running through the Słowiński National Park provides access to the Park's broad beaches (34km [21 miles]), which is reflected by the fact that these beach areas have been recognised as one of the most peaceful and cleanest places in Poland. All of that encourages frequent hiking and cycling along the international cycling route EV10 (Baltic Route). Local breeders offer horse carts and horse riding, including horse riding classes.
Gardna Park is an isolated land with an area of 75 hectares (185 acres), located on the western edge of the Gardno-Łeba Valley, adjacent to the southern side of the glacial Lake Gardno (2500 hectares [6178 acres]). Therefore, it is the perfect place for people suffering from respiratory diseases, exhausted by noise, stress and all the inconveniences of big city life.
This location, thanks to the proximity of the Słowiński National Park (the area is located in the Park's buffer zone), is protected from all types of nefarious designs of bothersome construction projects, noise and excessive urbanisation. The location, removed from major resorts, is closely connected with the sea, which is 5km (3 miles) away, has all of the traits of the shoreline lakes climate, and the moraine hills make the area mountainous and hilly. The area is located between Ustka, Słupsk and Łeba, to which it is connected by a car transit system.

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Stage 1 of the project

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Stage 2 of the project

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Subsequent stages of the project