Who we are?

We are a company by the charming name of Sand Wind and Water, abbreviated to SWW, based in Warsaw. SWW combines the longstanding experience of Słowinex – a company specialising in laying thatched roofs in Western European countries, and M&J Nederland – a company specialising in renovation and construction in Western European Countries.

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M&J Nederland

What we want to do?

Based upon our longstanding experience abroad, we want to build elegant estates named GARDNA PARK by the Polish sea, in the Słowiński National Park buffer zone, for clients from across the world. We propose a long-term project on a turn-key basis, which can give you a rate of return as high as 7% per annum.

How we want to build?

Thatched roofs are the element that sets this project apart. The 24-hour management and security system will ensure trouble-free operation all year round. The buildings will be timber-framed, based upon the experiences and products of the German company STEICO. The STEICO system offers not only very good thermal properties, but also, or perhaps most importantly, solutions that ensure very good moisture removal from the building and from the walls. This has a positive impact on our health and comfort of living.

Steico Technology